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explorations of raw materials on mars?

What precious elements are found on the surface of mars?

Just as metals and precious materials have been used on earth successfully. Mars materials can be used to further study mars, aide in designing better robots for mars, use those precious materials to explore mars possibilities. Everything about mars comes from those precious elements. If there is life it will incorporate those elements in its life. Make better rovers than can mine those materials and use it.

Plan to explore the basic properties of the elements on mars. Even better discover new elements. Send this data back to earth to study them and answer questions about future missions. Save alot of money if this is successful. And could be the start of new exploration on mars.


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  1. Why does Belt of Orion disagree? I also do think that if we find precious and even better, new materials there, this would be an incentive

    2 years ago
  2. Belt probably disagreed cause he knows what I know, we arn't going to find any new elements there and all the precious materials there are going to be the same as the ones found on earth. You compress Carbon enougth, you get a diamond, doesn't really matter where in the universe you are. Going to Mar's isn't about getting more of the rare stuff, it's about getting more of the stuff that was once common here on earth but is now running out cause we mined and drilled it all and it's about getting hold of some isotopes that are incredably common in the universe, but that don't survive for long when exposed to Oxygen. Which means they can't really be brought back to earth. As for life that incorporates precious material, not in any usable quantity it doesn't, that isn't how organic chemistry works, and is any one really going to rip apart Martian life just so they can get their hands on a few grams of gold or silver (or platinum, or tungsten or whatever)? Unless your using it to coat electrical pick up wires or cause you need an inert metal, gold is for the stupid and vain, not for those intelligent enougth to know you could pump it out of a surfficently advanced fusion reactor as a waste product.

    2 years ago
  3. Oh, and given that Mar's core has stopped rotating and the geologically the planet is cooling of and stopping sugests that there arn't many of the compressed elements there, espechially on the surface. It's not like earth which has a fully active mantle that constantly pulls lumps of material down to places where it can be subjected to immence pressure and heat before returning them to the surface in their new form of gem stones. Not saying there arn't any, but if it's stuff like that you want then you want a geologically active planet like Venus, or Earth. Oh and bizarrely mechanics draws the heavier elements intowards it's center while the lighter stuff is flung out to the edges, which means the planets closer to a star are generally the richest in the hevey elements, so again if your looking for those you want Earth or Venus. But if your looking for Iron, Carbon and the sort of things that we've actually based our industry around, then you want Mar's.

    2 years ago
  4. what kind of salts had been discovered yet and wahat kind of becteria is been discovered yet or any other fungal or microscopic organism ... if there is water and it will obviously contain salts and minrals .... best way is to put a glass of water in the martinian environment and wait if the algae is produced in it or any bacteria and same to do by puting becteria in the martinian environment and c if it dies or grow.

    2 years ago
  5. Mars exploration project is undoubtedly the most ambitious projects of the NASA ones, being of crucial value in Space Exploration, in particular in Planetary Colonization.

    The future colonization of Mars will give us a deeper insight on this planet.

    Such knowledge will be acquired opportunity to explore other planets, both in our Solar System, and outside it, especially some newly discovered planets Kepler telescope at Wise.

    It is very important to continue with this PROJECT, it will be crucial for future generations, targeting younger people, who are slowly showing interest in this field.

    9 months ago
  6. If we look at the latest images Coriusyty , one can notice the presence of rocks with Gray color , which in my opinion the idea of ​​being Basalt . These photos enlarged 1,000 times , to better understand its structure .

    I do not think can be wrong in the composition of rocks

    Actually I have another opinion, I think we are in the presence of MINERALS , such as Phosphorus Limestone , Basalt , or even Iron and Copper, anything is possible . Including microorganisms which at first glance are not noticeable .

    No doubt that the first colony to step Martian soil , will help us understand Mars in all aspects , so why think that this planet was a World with Life . However at the moment we have no concrete evidence to that effect .


    Mars is a geologically active planet , and its Seasonal periods , as shown in this recent research , where one can see that this Geological activity is present not only on the surface , there may be a flurry of activity in the subsoil , which is not noticeable for photos but if you use something like a seismograph , maybe we notice the presence of Seismic and Volcanic activity.

    I think that this hypothesis should be accepted , since Mars is a geologically active planet , with time, researchers realize that

    9 months ago

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