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all about the money

Who can tell me which part of Mars Mission is most expensive, and which cheapest?

Which one makes biggest problem?


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  1. Which Mars mission ? A robotic mission ? A manned mission ?

    2 years ago
    1. Gorzow' fox Idea Submitter

      a manned mission, I mean.

      2 years ago
  2. This will varies a lot I think, when you decide between a very short stay

    or a mars - earth encounter mission.

    The most expensive, I would say was the technologies and experiences

    to get us today to the point: We should try mars manned.

    On the manned mars mission itself, I would suggest it will be the fuel and life support systems including cargo, to get this all to mars and just got enough of it, maybe also back up of it, will be very expensive, more then the vehicles and crafts will be build for the mission, or the years long of training for the crew, who will go to mars.

    But it is just a suggestion, I do not really know.

    2 years ago

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