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Where should astronauts land?

There are lot's of natural hazards on Mars so, they should choose the place where there are less hazards.


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  1. Excepting topology i don't see other big hazards.Where should land?I think depend by the goals and by the type of the mission.if we will go to look for traces of life or go to stay and make camp.If we decide to stay a place near the poles will be fine for the presence of H2O.If you want a short stay near the equator because landing & liftoff is easier and have higher temperature and more sun light.

    2 years ago
    1. brainlogic2 Idea Submitter

      What's topology?

      2 years ago
    2. sorry topography instead of topology

      2 years ago
  2. Landing Place wont be a problem because there are no rivers on Mars that we will drown away and neither do we have forests hence we will not get lost as well and moreover I feel that an open landing place will be choosen to perform landing function

    2 years ago

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