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Time in Mars

How much time can a human being live on Mars? Because if it takes like 6 months to get there, I think that probably 1 week is acceptable. Also, how many hours and when are they going to sleep?


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  1. its takes around 214 days to travel from earth 2 mars.finally as there isn't any o2 content bu t just water we need to wait for its evolution and formation.let us consider an astronaut who is gonna get 2 mars.if he has to fulfill the dreams of the citizens of earth then he has to live in the mars for about 2years which includes all the research things..

    so finally o2 cylinders should be a lot for a homo sapien.so instead they are starting with robos but we arent sure whether it will be succesful

    2 years ago
  2. there is a plan for a manned mission to stay 18 months on Mars in a Mars Habitat.

    2 years ago
  3. 6 months there, 18 months on the planet, 6 months back.

    2 years ago

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