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Should we have the right to disturb life on mars

Should we interrupt the natural way of evolution ? If there is life on the planet do get to run tests or collect them? Did we have visitors when we were evolving ?


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  1. Depends on if you agree with panspermia or not (look it up on Wikipedia).

    Personally, I think that if you object to disrupting evolution, then don't take medicine, don't go to doctors, don't use anything made out of metal (after all, you're destroying micro-ecosystems in the ores that are melted down that are going through evolution), don't use fire... Oh, and don't eat: every time you consume a plant, animal, or micro-organism with unique mutations that can contribute to the evolution of the species.

    Yes, finding life on Mars would be awesome, and lead (potentially) to huge medical and biotech advances, but let's not go overboard here.

    2 years ago
  2. First i hope we find life out there.And if we find it we must study it.And maybe the earth form of life couldn't interact with martian one so both can live beside.

    2 years ago
  3. Your assuming there is life on mar's and that if there is it is it is still evolving. Unfortunatly that;s not likely to be the case. MAr's is a dead world. It's core has stopped turning, it's planetary engine is stalling out. If there ever was life there and somehow it has managed to cling on in some crevis, then it is stuck without hope of escaping the inveitable entrophy that will someday turn Mar's into a frozen husk. The only real hope it has of a radical change in circumstance that may allow it an opertunity to evolve into something more complex is us. Other wise it's just going to stay under it's rock not daring to crawl out as conditions around it slowly get less and less capable of suporting any form of life.

    2 years ago
  4. MDT

    I think the question is more like 'How much we will and what are the implications?'

    We sent rovers and landers already that disturbed the air and surface but how is that different from a meteorite. Well its possible that some microorganisms from earth survived with all the sterilization and harsh of space travel and reentry. Now will they be still be alive and able to proliferate - hard to tell. I don't know of any experiment done to test this scenario but sounds like a common sense one to me.

    When the first humans will arrive on Mars there will be no doubt about contaminating Mars with life from Earth. What will be the effect on any possible Mars life it is hard to tell. Maybe only life that survived is deep underground and we will probably not reach majority of those habitats ever. Also if life on Mars is carbon based it will be easier to interact with one coming from Earth but if its not then I guess chances of 'bothering' each other drops. Few human self contained outposts will hardly make any major impact on Mars biosphere anyway. On Earth air and water cycle is the wide spread main factor of global effects on biosphere but you don't have that on Mars especially if they are isolated islands underground.

    When we will start the terraforming process then the story changes radically.

    2 years ago
  5. When there is life on Mars, will it even have an evolution ?

    Mars is not like Earth and even here, we are the only species sadly

    to say are able to bring everything to an end maybe on mars, too.

    BUT we are also the Only species is able to secure Life itself, of every

    Species we know, in Comic Nature.

    So I would say we should find the right balance of Moral between ...

    Saving the Life of another species vs we are saving Life as itself´

    in the 1st place. We still do not know, if Life is something common

    in our universe, this is still a mathematic calculation of probabilities & theory.

    To find Life on another planet would be a great discovery even if it will be only

    bacterias or microorganisms they might be very different from ours so we can learn a lot of them, also this would be the proof that life find its way in our universe and we will find more life out there.

    I will give you a positive point, because we should not forget to question our selfs in our advance morally, in history we did a lot of time question our selfs when it was much to late.

    2 years ago
  6. I sure hope that we discover extant life on Mars so that this becomes a real question. That would be awesome.

    2 years ago

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