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Reduce, re-use and recycle

Is it possible to add control and impulse systems to the stages of our rockets (that are normally sent to burn up in the atmosphere) and coral them together to re-use in orbit as structural elements to future transport or way-station facilities. Are we just wasting the energy spent to get these objects out of the gravity well for the sake of a little extra cost?


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  1. What would be the cost to coral these objects, and how effective would they be. I think they would have to be made to be reused and their not. Would be nice if that was an option having a private company share the cost to use the SLS to reuse and Nasa's payload gets to orbit at half the cost. thanks (spacefriend)

    2 years ago
  2. MDT

    How about finding a way to salvage metal and electronic modules to build or repair future space stations in space. We already spend so much on lifting them into orbit just to abandon them as space junk because will be more expensive to make them de-orbit themselves. I don't know if that will ever be a viable option and make sense financially but it seems like a lot of waste out there plus the headaches this space junk is adding every year.

    2 years ago

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