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Footholds in Space

The ISS in orbit around the planet was mankinds first foothold in space. My question is what is the next step in establishing a perminent presence in space? Something that helps keep us up there.


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  1. Space adventure: Letting private companys venture with business in Earths orbit! Space hotels, Research laboratories for Universities, Spaceflight tourism, Low cost Factory, Moon flyby flights, How about a Space Museum in Space! start with the hubble, don't let it burn in orbit, BUILD IT THEY WILL COME, thanks (spacefriend)

    2 years ago
  2. I like idea of a space elevator as a permanent symbol of accesibility to space

    2 years ago
  3. Personally I'm still with the classic moon base. I just can't think of a better option as a starting point for all our future endevours. The moons gravity is tiny so it's going to be a doddle to build and launch large craft from there and it's not so far away that there isn't a chance of rescueing people should things go wrong. MAke it truely multinational and get the corporations involved and i bet it would only take a decade to establish a fully functional industrial and research center from which we would only expand. And besides, what better way to make sure nothing ever back contaminates Earth if everything has to go via Moon city first.

    2 years ago
  4. Would be great to have the moon and spaceships could be launched

    and be fuel from/on the moons resources, so no much earth launches are

    needed anymore and space traveling would become much more cheaper

    but this is a dream, I think will not come true. I think the ISS is very perfect for the moment it is very near means lower costs and much better when something is not going right and we can do a lot of experiments there which are needed but somehow we need to start one day to get advanced in making another planet habitable and available.

    I would more say mars will become very far in the future our new step stone,

    Mars got much more to give to make this true and the Moon will maybe more

    a test area for reaching our goal.

    2 years ago

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