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Mars is calling… be part of the conversation!

NOTE FROM THE MODERATORS (Last Updated: 8/21/2012)
Earlier this summer, we asked the public to contribute to the Mars dialog through this forum. Your enthusiastic response was beyond our expectations - over 1,200 people signed up, participated, asked questions, voted, commented and engaged in a dialogue about the future of Mars exploration. The strong response hinted that the public was even more interested in exploring Mars than we thought, and the interest in Curiosity proved it, as millions tuned in to watch what we affectionately call "The 7 Minutes of Terror."

From your contributions and comments, we went to work and developed a few things to help people better understand the Red Planet and all of the complexities that go along with exploring it.

We've published answers to some of the specific questions asked in the forum:

We've also asked NASA experts to contribute their thoughts on some of the broader topics that were voted to the top by Mars Forum users:

Finally, your incredible response has prompted us to actively address public participation in our future planning for Mars exploration.

This isn’t the end! The Mars Forum is 1,200 people strong and we want to engage with you more. Please continue following the Curiosity rover, and stay tuned for the next opportunity for the Mars Forum community to comment on plans regarding the future of Mars exploration.

If you want to learn more about the planet Mars or current robotic missions, Mars expert "Dr. C" is ready and waiting to answer your questions. Or learn more at Be a Martian, and engage in some citizen science!

The Mars Forum Moderators

P.S. Here is a pretty sweet word cloud of your conversation!

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